Corporate Managers who participate in the Blue Ocean Leadership Training Program will have personal contact with top global leadership trainers and coaches Lauren Mathys and Dannette Haley, who have years of experience empowering people to make transformative change, act with an entrepreneurial mind-set, and accomplish their life goals.


Lauren Mathys Blue Ocean Leadership Trainer

Lauren Mathys

Lauren is a recognized expert in both Blue Ocean Strategy and Blue Ocean Leadership thinking and is a member of the invitation-only Blue Ocean Strategy Network established by the co-authors of the approach, W. Chan Kim (her MBA professor at INSEAD) and Renée Mauborgne.  Lauren has been helping organizations implement Blue Ocean thinking for the last decade, after a long career in biopharmaceuticals where she pioneered the use of the approach as Vice-President of Strategic Marketing in her organization. Lauren also regularly joins the faculty of the INSEAD Executive Development Program for Blue Ocean Strategy, which is held twice a year at the main INSEAD campus in Fontainebleau, France, and now since February 2017 in the USA, working with executives all over the world and in a variety of industries to help them adopt the Blue Ocean mind-set.  Lauren speaks English and French fluently and is both a US and Swiss citizen.


Dannette Haley Blue Ocean Leadership Trainer

Dannette Haley

Dannette is a certified professional coach specializing in leadership and performance development, supporting corporate and private clients around the world and across organizational levels.  Dannette is an expert in the Co-active Training coaching method, certified by the International Coaching Foundation and currently a leadership trainer and mentor to aspiring coaches. As an outplacement coach, Dannette has worked with hundred's of clients to realize their career potential. She is also a community leader, evidenced by her leadership of a women's empowerment group with over 70 members. Prior to her career as a coach, she worked in executive search, successfully placing leaders in multinational companies at the director level and above. Dannette also has over 10 years of experience working in sales and marketing with fortune 100 companies. Dannette is fluent in both English and French.




Marketing Director, Middle East

"Lauren and Dannette are a dynamic duo..."

European client, pharmaceutical industry

Lauren combines her unsurpassed knowledge and expertise about Blue Ocean strategy and leadership together with her years of experience working as a Senior Executive in the Corporate world to offer a step-by-step approach with practical tools that allowed everyone in our team to think like an entrepreneur and contribute to the growth of our business.  I highly recommend working with Lauren. European client, pharmaceutical industry

Vevey, Switzerland

Product Manager
"I was able to clearly define actionable options, and to consider those that would maximize my impact"

Nairobi, Kenya

UN Representative
“Dannette's coaching style was friendly, structured, easy to follow, and thought-provoking as she challenged me to think about what I was saying and to use my own views to draw conclusions.”
passion led us here

Geneva, Switzerland

Product Marketing Manager
“Dannette is highly energetic and encouraging, always able to provide me with the right direction at the right moment. She effectively helped me identify the most promising career paths.”