Why use our Leadership Training?

Leadership Training 4U offers dynamic, action-oriented online training courses that empower leaders with proven tools to foster transformational success.

Unlike other leadership training and coaching programs, our Leadership Training gives you:


A blended, dynamic “virtual training” course that offers the same engagement, personalization & networking benefits of an in-person course with the convenience, cost-savings and time efficiency of an online offering.


Action-oriented & engaging course methodology that combines proven, best-in-class methodologies from the world of Coaching and Leadership. We give concrete tools and frameworks that are realistic and achievable, yet also inspiring and empowering, leading to a higher success rate of transformative change. We help you better understand “who you are” while focusing on changing “what you do.”


Personal contact with top global leadership  coaches with years of experience empowering people to make transformative change, act with an entrepreneurial mind-set, and accomplish their life goals.


Tangible results as participants come away from the course with concrete tools they can use to shift the focus of their time and energy, resulting in increased productivity, becoming better managers, and inspiring others as leaders.

Our Vision & Values

Our Vision

We empower managers to become effective leaders and change agents in their organizations.


Our Values


We are seasoned professionals with over 40 years of combined experience working in the corporate world. We are experts in our respective fields (Blue Ocean Strategy/Leadership and CTI Coaching) and deliver only the highest quality for every project.


We believe it is very important to have balance in life. While career is obviously very important, family and personal time must be top priorities to maintain equilibrium.


We approach every course with a strong sense of hope, as we believe in people and their ability to accomplish their dreams. We are cheerful, optimistic people, full of vitality and joy. We bring this positive energy into every training course.


Above all, we value honesty and transparency. We believe that this is the foundation upon which any work agreement or training must be built. Trust is key to achieving transformative change, and a solid base of integrity is the first step to building trust.


We value loyalty. We are dedicated to our role as teachers, trainers, and coaches; we promise to give the best of ourselves and hope our participants do as well. Every training course is a relationship agreement that we enter into wholeheartedly.


Accomplishment comes from continuous evolution; big improvements are gained one step at a time. We are committed to empowering people to continually develop, improve and advance. We believe true leaders never stop progressing and learning.